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If you’ve had your cabinets for many years and want to restore their unique life and luster, then it’s time to call the cabinet refinishing experts at Cabinet Refacing Colorado Springs. Our refinishing services are going to restore your cabinets to their earlier glory, all for a shorter time and less money than conventional refinishing services. Older cabinets may seem so scuffed & faded they have to be sanded and refaced, or perhaps changed with entirely brand new fronts. However, with Cabinet Refacing Colorado Springs, you can quickly restore worn-out cabinets to their earlier condition, even after several years of extensive wear and tear. Unless you wish to improve your kitchen area layout completely, Cabinet Refacing Colorado Springs’ cabinet refinishing procedure might be the ideal fix.

You like the elegance and integrity of your old kitchen cabinets. But after years and years of use, the surface has worn down, offering a shabby and scuffed appearance. That is when it’s time to call the experts at Cabinet Refacing Colorado Springs! Our kitchen cabinet refinishing Colorado Springs services are able to restore your wood cabinets to like-new condition, with a glossy, factory style finish. Our kitchen cabinet refinishing Colorado Springs service is going to revitalize the appearance of your kitchen and lengthen the lifetime of your cabinets for decades to come. Better still, our cabinet refinishing services are healthier, cleaner, and faster for families when compared with most conventional refinishing strategies. Our refinishing process takes a few days and also has little dust, smells, and VOCs. This will make us ideal for homes with small kids, pets, or maybe a family with respiratory issues.

Colorado Springs Cabinet Refinishing

To top everything off, Cabinet Refacing Colorado Springs’ cabinet refinishing is extremely low-cost. Our cabinet refinishing Colorado Springs products cost you a portion of just what it will cost you to recolor, reface, or perhaps restyle your kitchen cabinets, making us your budget-friendly option to conventional remodeling. Our Colorado Springs cabinet refinishing services are a handy, inexpensive way to revive old kitchen cabinets to like-new condition. Our regular refinishing services call for no change on the color or maybe finish off your kitchen cabinet. Rather, we restore the wood to its classic appearance.

Our refinishing procedure is done by skilled craftsmen, making use of state-of-the-art refinishing techniques and technologies. Our cabinet refinishing Colorado Springs procedure entails little wear to wood surfaces, providing complete restoration of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We begin by thoroughly cleaning your cabinets, removing grease, dirt, along with various other kinds of build-up. We then prime your cabinet to confirm appropriate adhesion, followed by the application of your respective finishing solution. After the surface solution is used, we work with our unique system to immediately cure your cabinet finish. This permits us to refinish cabinets in a lot less time than conventional refinishers. Additionally, it involves zero sanding, which guarantees a little mess. Our process usually produces few VOCs, making our Colorado Springs cabinet refinishing services family safe and also eco-friendly. This is also able to get a matte, satin, semi-gloss, or perhaps gloss finish, and it’s highly regarded because of its resistance to scratches, scuffs, as well as long-range use.
Colorado Springs Cabinet Refinishing

How to Know When Your Cabinets Colorado Springs Qualifies For A Refacing

Do you enjoy the layout of your kitchen? Although we are able to make a number of modifications, there’s an instance where it will make much more sense to do new cabinets. Essentially, the greater number of changes you are making towards the layout by changing existing cabinets, the better you can justify a complete tear-out. With many cabinet resurfacing Colorado Springs tasks we do, we could make a couple of box modifications, but in general, the buyer wants us to always keep the fundamental format. In cases where improvements are a necessity; our custom woodworking staff is able to step in. Are the cabinet boxes in relatively good shape? We seldom see boxes that are too bad for cabinet refacing Colorado Springs, though it can happen!

Do you have existing granite countertops or maybe something similar and do not wish to replace them? We come across this frequently. There’s no practical method to get rid of tops and install brand new cabinets and next re-set the current top. The point is the fact that if you glance at a kitchen cabinet, the part you notice would be the most crucial factor! The doors, face frames, drawer fronts, and some trim set the look and appearance of the kitchen. An advantage of a custom cabinet refacing Colorado Springs project will be the capability to produce the actual look you need
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cabinet refacing allows you to revitalize your home with brand new doors, matching veneer, and drawer fronts, while keeping your current cabinet boxes. Without changing the familiar format of your home, you can enhance the look and longevity. You are able to develop a “new kitchen” appearance without the “new kitchen” cost.

Door and drawer fronts are able to wear down faster compared to the frames. So it is not always essential to set up new custom cabinets. Refacing provides you with the choice of switching your look without gutting your home or maybe your finances!
Done correctly, refacing can enable you to get the effects you would like at a very affordable price. All of it is determined by the doors you select and which company you buy them from. As an established, remodeling company with operations all over Colorado Springs, we are in a position to command favorable pricing from the best cabinet manufacturers. And we pass these savings on for you!
Many cabinet refinishing Colorado Springs tasks are completed in only 2 to 4 days. Also, we clean the job area every day, providing you with full use of your food preparation areas and plumbing later in the day. This provides you with the possibility of renovation without disrupting the daily tasks in your house.
Cabinet Refacing Colorado Springs offers a fantastic number of wood choices and styles. Our more than ten years of experience & business connections provide us a nearly limitless amount of door styles, woods, sizes, and styles to pick from.
Yes. We are able to install extra kitchen cabinets Colorado Springs, islands, and drawers. This will give you a lot more choices for an updated look and effective space. We can also enable you to create special cabinetry like entertainment centers or maybe home offices in the areas of your house.
If you opt to reface your cabinets rather than totally replacing them, you have done a lot more than you may be thinking. You have kept your kitchen cabinet boxes out of the landfill, and you have conserved the materials and energy it will have taken to produce brand new ones. Your kitchen looks entirely brand new, and your remodeling project was environment-friendly.